2012 saw the implementation of Look Good Feel Better’s first research project to underpin and statistically demonstrate the effectiveness and long term positive benefits of the LGFB service.


We believed this should produce robust data and in Stage One 2,000 beneficiary questionnaires were analysed. This assessed beneficiary's levels of confidence before and after a workshop. We also questioned them about elements of the workshop experience they found to be the most effective, alongside other questions specifically crafted to help us understand how best to support patients into the future.

In Stage Two, 920 of those participants were re-contacted 3-4 months following their workshop to assess long term benefit. At this point we also asked a range of questions designed to enable us to understand the acceptability of reaching out in new ways, potentially through new locations and using different ‘Workshop’ formats into the future.


Survey results revealed

At a time when c.165,000 women are newly diagnosed with cancer each year in the UK, the need for the LGFB service continues to increase. 

In Stage One of research, 2000 LGFB patient beneficiaries were surveyed via questionnaires and the results proved the psycho-social benefits of the free service on patients’ wellbeing: 

  • 1 in 3 people will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime
  • 65% of LGFB beneficiaries are breast cancer patients
  • 35% being treated for other types of cancer (LGFB is available to all)
  •  98% said it was positive spending time with women in the same situation
  •  97% felt supported being in a group environment
  •  85% said they would use all the make-up hints, tips and learning in the future
  •  97% felt that confidence and strengthened self- esteem helped towards a positive outlook during treatment


In Stage Two of research, 920 women were re-contacted 3-4 months later to assess the longer term benefits on confidence. 

  • At the end of the initial workshops, 97% of women said their confidence had increased. 
  • 3-4 months later, the charity was delighted to hear that patient confidence levels were still at 96%.


LGFB are pleased to see research recently undertaken by long term charity partner, Macmillan Cancer Support, which reported that 81% of women felt that the visible effects suffered had a negative impact on their confidence. 65% said they didn’t know how to disguise these effects. These recently released results further highlight the importance of the LGFB Programme.


We would be delighted to discuss the research in more detail with interested parties. Please contact us either on email, or call us on 01372 747500.