Chair Yoga Workshop

Duration: 1 Hour
Frequency: Once a month
Cost: Free of charge

Who can attend the workshop?

Anyone with a cancer diagnosis from point of diagnosis and beyond. IMPORTANT: it is recommended you do not attend a session until at least 12 weeks post-surgery and whilst the exercises covered are very gentle, please check with your nurse or consultant before booking that you are safe to do so.  Please also check it’s OK for you to join us if you are wearing a PICC line.

What can I expect from the workshop?  

Naomi is a yoga and meditation teacher from bonnie Scotland. She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching for a little over 3 years. The sense of calm and clarity that comes from a few moments of stillness never fails to amaze Naomi and she is passionate about teaching beginners and people looking to develop their own yoga practice.  Here are Naomi’s aims for the class:

  • Taking a more gentle, restorative approach to yoga practice
  • Ease you into seated yoga poses, taking time to stretch and breathe deeply
  • Have you leave us feeling an inch taller, and lighter in mind and body
  • To feel refreshed, tranquil and glowing from within

The session is for all levels of experience and is beginner friendly. Here is a summary of what the workshop will include:

  • A short ‘Welcome’ chat
  • 5-minute guided meditation
  • 30-minute gentle chair yoga class
  • 10-minute yoga nidra (total relaxation)
  • Time for questions at the end before closing

After the workshop you will receive a summary of the exercises for you to follow at home. You will also receive a link to Naomi’s Instagram page so you can follow her if you wish to. 

What do I need to bring to the workshop? Just yourself in loose fitting clothing, which is easy to move in with some water handy. A comfortable non-swivelling side free chair is a must!

How do I book my place? By clicking the button below, however, if you have any questions you would like to ask before making a booking, please email [email protected]

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