Look Good Feel Better

30 Faces of Look Good Feel Better – Lu Wright

Lu Wright (pictured right) is passionate about skincare and makeup, and her enthusiasm is infectious.  If you talk to Lu about beauty products, she knows her stuff and is happy to share her incredible knowledge.  Lu is a true professional.  She has been working in the beauty industry since the 1990s and has been with Clarins since 2001.

She remembers when she first started volunteering for Look Good Feel Better, in the late 1990s at Nottingham City Hospital.

“The workshops were held in this strange, rather grim-looking lecture hall, nothing like it is today – but afterward I remember walking down this very long corridor and feeling incredible: “I can do this! This is amazing!”

Lu has seen both sides of the coin – she has been a lead volunteer for many years now, based at the Royal Derby Hospital, but at the start of the new millennium, Lu was diagnosed with cancer and underwent extensive radio and chemotherapy treatments, which impacted her hugely at the time.

“I went to the charity’s workshop as a beneficiary, and it was such a good opportunity to be able to talk to other ladies in the same position.  You don’t always want to talk to the doctor, you just want to get away, but in the workshops, you get to open up to other people and it lifts your spirits!”

For many years now, Lu has been leading a dedicated team of beauty professionals, and she is aware of the important role her team plays in helping people with cancer regain their self-confidence.  She adds:

“The nicest thing a clinical psychologist once said to me about our workshops is that ‘We mend people’ and no one can say better than that.”

Thank you for all your wonderful work and dedication over the decades, Lu!