Men’s Styling for Confidence

Workshop: Styling for Confidence Workshop

Duration: Up to 2 hours

Frequency: monthly

Cost: FOC

Who can attend the workshop? Anyone with a cancer diagnosis from point of diagnosis and beyond.

What can I expect from the workshop? This online group workshop provides you with a taster of what our Stylist experts can do to help you deal with challenges you may face around body image and confidence.

These are the key points covered:

  • We talk about the various body shapes, understanding yours and how to best dress for it
  • We look at embracing the power of colour analysis for men
  • We provide some practical suggestions for dealing with cancer related challenges as well as dealing with weight change
  • We will share some helpful tips for editing your wardrobe
  • We will shake up the whole idea of shopping
  • We will help you explore your own personal style

It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet others on a similar journey and learn some practical tips which we hope will help you implement the changes you might need to make to feel comfortable and confident in your body again.

The workshop might be particularly helpful if you are about to return to work or have a big event coming up and are keen to think about what you will wear.

After attending, you will be sent our ‘Style Guide’ which provides more in-depth information on body shapes along with additional advice for shorter or taller men, and advice for people with broader or slighter frames. We look at accessories and how these can enhance a look, as well providing more cancer related advice with links to useful organisations.

What do I need to bring to the workshop? A notepad and pen to take notes, but that’s it.

How do I book my place? By clicking the below link. However, if you have any questions you would like to ask before making a booking, please email [email protected]

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