Look Good Feel Better

Pink Ribbon donation helps ensure more people access workshops

A huge thank you to the Pink Ribbon Foundation for their generous £6,000 donation to fund the costs of a targeted mailing to breast cancer charities and support groups.

At the end of January, a mailing containing leaflets and posters was sent to approximately 900 organisations to introduce their members to Look Good Feel Better and to give them the opportunity to attend any of our free workshops that interested them. This campaign helped to increase our bookings by 15% between February and the end of April compared to the previous year and resulted in some lovely correspondence from several of the breast cancer charities and support groups.

Jonathan Prince MBE, Trustee of the Pink Ribbon Foundation commented “The cancer journey for most is a rather harrowing experience and we hope that The Pink Ribbon Foundation can bring a bit of joy into an individual’s journey.  Look Good Feel Better can bring that ray of sunlight to a dark day by helping to make a person feel good (and look good) and we have been more than happy to support their wonderful work with a grant to help spread the word”.