Fundraising Tips

Whether you’re taking on a challenge event or have set yourself a personal target, we’ve put together some handy tips to help you maximise your fundraising opportunities.

Get Personal

It helps to convey how your donors money will be put to good use. Who will benefit and how? 

Make sure to tell your donors that just £50 will fund a place at a Look Good Feel Better Workshop, giving someone living with cancer the opportunity to benefit from expert advice and support as well as the chance to connect with others, providing them with a much needed life-line during treatment. 

Utilise Your Connections

Make a list of all the people you have access to who might be interested in donating and work out the best way to reach them. It will probably be online, but sometimes meeting up (at a social distance if necessary) will be best. 

Try approaching organisations and groups as well as individuals. For example the company you work for; any organisations you come into contact with via work; your children’s schools, including bodies like parents’ associations; your sports club or gym; your place of worship or social club. 

Matched Giving

If you work for a reasonable-sized company, ask HR or payroll if it operates a Matched Giving scheme. At their most generous, Matched Giving schemes double what you raise, but most are capped and some may only match donations made by your colleagues. But it’s still money there for the taking. If your employer doesn’t have a Matched Giving scheme you could ask why not – if you’re feeling brave.

Share The Load

Get others in your family and social network to bang the drum on your behalf by replicating what you do on email and social media.

Mixed Media

Sponsor forms (or collection boxes) can tick along nicely on reception desks at work, counters in your local shops, cafes or pubs, and on noticeboards. To avoid the hassle of collecting your money post-event, you could ask for donations upfront – just like people have to do when giving online. You can request sponsorship forms and collection boxes by emailing [email protected]

Grab Attention

Use your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, or blog to keep family, friends and colleagues up to date with your training or event preparation progress as a way of keeping them involved. Throw in occasional reminders about the link to your fundraising page too.