Promoting Your Fundraising Event

Whether you are planning a street party, a clothes swap or your next sponsored challenge, the more people who know about your fundraising, the more money you’ll raise. Check out our top tips on promoting your fundraising event.

Word of mouth

Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth – it’s the ultimate marketing tool and it’s free! Tell your friends, family and colleagues about your fundraising and get them to spread the word.

Promote the cause

This is crucial. If people know the inspiration behind your fundraising and the difference their donation makes, they’ll be much more likely to support you. See how your money helps. 

Resources Portal

Head to our Resources Portal where you’ll find a wealth of approved images, videos, copy and logos which you can use in line with promoting your fundraising event.

Get sponsored by a local business

Asking a local business to sponsor you is a great way to advertise your event and keep your costs down. Try and talk to the manager in person or over the phone as opposed to in an email or letter.

Use social media

Social networking sites are brilliant tools when it comes to promoting a fundraising event. You can use Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and other platforms to showcase your hard work and help spread the word about your fundraiser. Share your event regularly with your networks and ask others to also share, the news will soon spread! You can tag us into any posts @LGFBUK or LookGoodFeelBetterUK and we’ll do our best to reshare it through our networks.

A picture says a thousand words

Use photos throughout your publicity to personalise your event and attract more attention. Make sure someone is lined up to take snaps on the day of your fundraiser too – this will be a big help when it comes to collecting donations.

Use your local media

Contact your local paper explaining what you’re up to. You can also contact your local radio stations to push for a plug on air. If you’re feeling really ambitious, why not approach your local TV news teams to see if they’ll cover your story?

It’s important to get people’s attention. Use unusual promotional strategies to stand out from the crowd, such as competitions to win tickets, taking out an advert in your local paper and contacting community groups that are relevant to your event.

If you need some advice around writing a press release or interviewing with your local press, please contact us on [email protected] 

Need some more help?

If you’re planning an event in your community and want extra support and advice, please contact our Fundraising Team on [email protected] or call 01372 747500

In keeping with charity law, please include the following statements across all publicity materials:

All proceeds/profits will be donated to Look Good Feel Better UK. Registered charity no.1031728.