Look Good Feel Better

“The workshop gave us all the opportunity to do something just for ourselves”

Caroline Sivyer, from Tavistock in Devon, found out she had bowel cancer in late 2022, after taking part in the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme.  Further tests taken by her doctor around the same time also confirmed the presence of a tumour in her colon. Throughout 2023, Caroline underwent an operation and attended several chemotherapy sessions.

Anyone meeting Caroline will be struck by her incredible energy and positive outlook on life, but the treatments took their toll and badly affected her. Caroline was surprised at how tired and emotional she felt after the chemotherapy had ended.

“I didn’t feel good about myself at all – I would look at my reflection in the mirror, feeling old and very sad. My tummy looked so different, I felt incredibly low and didn’t feel feminine at all. I felt I was losing myself.”

It was at this low point that Caroline, 61, was made aware of the Look Good Feel Better workshops, which had a fundamental impact on how she felt and helped turn her mood around.

“Like so many other women, we are often looking after everyone else, but the workshop gave us all the opportunity to do something just for ourselves – and it was completely guilt-free too.

“We were all in it together, encouraging and inspiring each other.  It was really empowering being with some wonderful people and the volunteers were incredible, knowledgeable, and supportive.  By the end, we were all promising to make an effort every single day to do something for ourselves to help us feel better, be that simply applying some mascara or eye shadow.  Somehow the experience permitted us to do that, validating the self-care.  There was a lot of laughter and joy and we all left feeling supported and inspired.”

Thank you, Caroline, we are so pleased that the workshop made a real difference to you and we have no doubt that your words will encourage many others to sign up for a workshop, too.