Look Good Feel Better

“The effects of the workshop are so far-reaching, It was such an uplifting experience.”

“The effects of the workshop are so far-reaching,” says Sharmila, from Chertsey.  “It is not only about learning how to treat your skin properly and how to apply make-up correctly, but it is also about being able to look in the mirror and not just see what you have lost. You can look at yourself and feel positive again!  It was such an uplifting experience.” 

After a routine mammogram, Sharmila returned for a biopsy and her worst fear was confirmed. She had breast cancer.  Following a mastectomy, Sharmila is now currently undergoing radio therapy and she noticed that her skin has changed, becoming more dry and patchy. 

Several people, including a nurse from her GP surgery, recommended she attend a workshop and Sharmila quickly signed up for a skin care and make-up session.   

“I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so impactful. I have learnt how to look after my skin properly, and I am now spreading the word and encouraging others to sign up.  The goodie bag was like Christmas had arrived early – filled with so many fabulous products. 

“But it wasn’t only that, it was wonderful to connect with others and share experiences. I made a friend during the workshop and we are in touch regularly now. I would like more people to know about the great support that is available to them.” 

We are delighted that the workshop was a real help at a difficult time for Sharmila. Thank you for sharing your experience.