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Top Styling Tips for people living with breast cancer

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2018, Gail Chisholm found solace and support through the Look Good Feel Better workshops. She was so inspired by the experience that she now hosts our Styling for Confidence workshops, offering advice and support to others with cancer. Gail has kindly shared her top styling tips for anyone living with or undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

  1. Pattern clothing is a simple and easy way to disguise uneven breasts.
  2. Check out specialist underwear providers if you’ve had a single or double mastectomy.  Not only do they offer practical support post-surgery, they create lingerie to make you feel sexy and feminine.
  3. If you are worried about people staring at your bust line, use accessories like necklaces, earrings or broaches to draw the eye elsewhere in your outfit.
  4. If your bust line has completely changed size, a different style of neckline may be a more complimentary choice.  You may even be able to wear styles that you hadn’t considered before, for example strapless; racerback, halter, roll / high neck.
  5. Layering garments can help disguise the bust area.  You can layer to create length and slimness or you can layer to create bulk & depth where there isn’t any.
  6. Colour is a great tool in your style kit bag, AND it can be a mood enhancer on days where you may not be feeling like yourself.
  7. Body confidence and true style comes from within.  Connecting with your body today and practicing acceptance and self love can shift your energy and help you embrace your body today

 If you would like any additional advice or support around styling, please do join us for a Styling for Confidence workshop. Book your workshop here.