Look Good Feel Better

A big thank you to our fundraisers

A group of colleagues working for L’Oreal were inspired to get together to do something fun (and challenging!) outside of the office to raise money for the charity.  They decided to go on a hike.  Three ended up completing the Seven Sisters Birling Gap Hike.  They had all been personally affected by cancer within their close families, so this felt close to their hearts.

Teams members of the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Perfumery Association (CTPA); Nico Shaw Núñez, Francesca Rapolla, Daragh Rogerson, Rachael McEvoy and Carys Ayton-Smith completed the 10k Tough Mudder Challenge to raise money for Look Good Feel Better. This was an obstacle course over 10km which challenged strength and endurance.  The team worked together to get through the course whilst motivating each other to keep going.

Thank you all for taking on the challenges to raise money for people undergoing treatment for cancer!