Virtual Hand & Nail Care Workshop

Duration: 2 hours
Frequency: Twice a week
Cost: Free of charge

Who can attend the workshop?

Anyone with a cancer diagnosis from point of diagnosis and beyond. This workshop is particularly useful for those suffering from finger and toenail problems due to treatment, but anyone is welcome.

What can I expect from the workshop?

This workshop focusses on simple and practical tips and techniques for hand and nail care. Delivered by expert volunteers, the session will provide step-by-step guidance on dealing with challenges such as:

  • Dry, split, and sensitive nails
  • Nails lifting from the nail bed
  • Ridges and lines – why these happen and how to disguise them
  • Discolouration – causes and how to cover up

You are welcome to take part and follow our volunteer’s manicure demonstration, or watch, learn, take notes, and ask questions… It’s entirely up to you.

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

If you want to join in, we recommend trying to bring the following items:

  • Nail/cuticle oil – if you don’t have one, olive or coconut oil will work well, or Bio Oil.
  • Nail file – preferably a glass file which is the gentlest you can get. Emery boards are sometimes very harsh, and we want to work with tools that are as gentle as possible.
  • Non-oily nail polish remover – acetone nail varnish remover is very drying but can be used if you ensure you use lots of nail oil after your manicure is complete.
  • Lint gauze or kitchen roll – for use with the nail polish remover as we want to use something that does not leave fibres like cotton wool balls would. Cotton pads could be used but check them for errant fibres first!
  • Nail base – clear varnish that provides a base for your nail colour to adhere to (and helps prevent discolouration from nail varnish).
  • Nail colour – perhaps a chance to try out a new colour?
  • Topcoat – clear varnish which will seal and set the nail colour and help it to last longer.
  • Hand cream – to rub into your hands after nails are dry and to complete your manicure.

All these items can be purchased quite cheaply and quickly online and our confirmation email, upon making a booking, includes hyperlinks to some suggested sites for purchase.

If you can’t get hold of all the above items, just bring what you are able to.

How do I book onto a workshop?

Simply click the button below and book onto the workshop that is most convenient for you.

If you have any questions before making a booking, please email: [email protected].

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