Virtual Living Yoga

Duration: up to 1 hour, but the actual class runs for approximately 45 minutes. We leave time for questions at the end.

Frequency: once a month

Cost: FOC

Who can attend the class? Anyone with a cancer diagnosis from point of diagnosis and beyond.

The class is run by volunteer Stephanie Pletts who has a nursing background. She specialised in renal nursing for 30 years, working as both a Senior Sister and Transplant Nurse Specialist. After retiring early, she decided to train as a yoga teacher and bring yoga and breathwork to those who, for medical or mental health reasons, could not attend traditional classes.

Stephanie started her Living Yoga Method Training in late 2020 and the following year she commenced to Advanced Teacher Training to become a Living Yoga Method Breath Coach.

The Living Yoga Method (LYM) was founded by Steve Harrison and combines timeless wisdom with modern science and practical techniques to thoroughly empower its practitioners through the avenues of the breath, body and mind.

Breath training and the transformative power of the breath enhances our internal chemistry and resets the mind to create a positive state change. The benefits of this practice are truly transformational and is supported by strong scientific evidence and research.

The aim of the class:

The aim is to teach you breathing techniques and provide you with useful tools, so you have some control over your body, mind and breath to help you to relax and ease anxiety levels, bringing a profound sense of peace and tranquillity. These simple breathing techniques are so adaptable and gentle that they can be put into practice whenever you feel they are needed.

These techniques:

  • Have both physiological and psychological benefits
  • Detoxifies, oxygenates, energises & rejuvenates the whole system
  • Upgrades your overall health and vitality
  • Improves your internal chemistry
  • Taps into new levels of energy
  • Takes you out of your head and into your heart

Have ready: blankets, cushions, some water to sip.  Use gentle lighting if you can.  These simple practices can be done sitting or lying down.

Important: if you have breathing difficulties such as asthma, please consult with your doctor before booking.

After the class you will receive a summary of the exercises and a recording to follow at home.

Book a Class

If you have any questions you would like to ask before making a booking, please email [email protected]