Volunteer Policies & Guides

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Our policies, procedures and guidance outline our ways of working and are there to guide and protect you in your volunteering role. If you are looking for a policy or guide that isn’t listed below, please contact your key contact at Look Good Feel Better or email [email protected]

Volunteer Code of Conduct

This Agreement does not create an employer-employee contract and is issued with the
express intention of providing clear guidance on our expectations of Look Good Feel Better

Our primary reason for issuing guidance is to ensure our beneficiaries, people living with
cancer, are provided with exceptional support in a safe and caring way.
Our expectations of you are that you take the time to carefully familiarise yourself with what
is expected, and to follow it at all times. If you are unclear or unsure about any of the
contents, please speak to the Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement Manager, Steph

Always follow our three guiding principles:
1. Our services are free of charge – there is no charge to beneficiaries to
attend the Look Good Feel Better workshops or classes. However, as a
charity we do appreciate beneficiaries making a donation if they so wish.
2. We are non-medical – never give advice on alternative therapies,
supplements or make comments or suggestions relating to their
treatment plan or additional treatments.
3. We are brand and service neutral – We are supported by many member
companies, all of which provide an array of donations and support to
Look Good Feel Better. As such no specific organisations or products are
to be endorsed, promoted, or sold at any point whether in workshops, or
representing the charity out in the community.

When you become a Look Good Feel Better volunteer, you become the face of the charity.
Whether you’re wearing a T-shirt, tabard, or pin badge when volunteering for us, we
expect you to uphold our values and give everyone a positive Look Good Feel Better

We ask that you:
1. Treat Look Good Feel Better staff, supporters, fellow volunteers and beneficiaries
with respect, consideration, and appreciation.
2. Ensure that Look Good Feel Better stays within the law and maintains its reputation
buy following all Look Good Feel Better policies and procedures.
3. Make sure you understand your role and the standards of performance and
conduct required of you (see individual role descriptions).
4. Bring any safeguarding concerns, support needs or feedback to your key contact
at Look Good Feel Better.
5. Let your key contact know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend certain
events or if your circumstances change.
6. Never smoke or drink alcohol when wearing any Look Good Feel Better kit.
7. Treat all products and resources with respect and never take or distribute these to
anyone other than beneficiaries without express permission from your
Volunteer/Regional Manager.
8. Do not do anything that might bring Look Good Feel Better into disrepute.


Volunteers must not create and keep locally sourced data or lists of members/supporters/beneficiaries and their details. It is important that all volunteers adhere to Look Good Feel Better policies and data breach reporting processes to ensure the charity remains GDPR compliant. 

Under no circumstances should any private or confidential information regarding beneficiaries be disclosed to unauthorised individuals. This includes, but is not limited to, their full name, age, diagnosis, treatment plan, residential area, treatment facility, or any other details that could potentially identify them. Such information may only be shared with authorised personnel directly involved in the care, diagnosis, and/or treatment of the beneficiary, such as medical, nursing, or other relevant professionals. If there is any uncertainty about the authority of a person or entity requesting such information, it is imperative to seek guidance from your designated contact at Look Good Feel Better. 

Look Good Feel Better is proud to provide a safe place for beneficiaries to gain peer to peer support, make friends, and share experiences and stories with people who understand what they are going through. It is imperative that everyone involved with the charity respects their privacy and confidentiality which includes not taking photographs of beneficiaries without prior written consent, unless on their personal devices. 

Failure to uphold confidentiality may result in you being respectfully asked to step down from the charity. 

Confidentiality & Data Protection Agreement

You shall not, during your time volunteering with LGFB or after termination of
volunteering, under the Public Interest Disclosure Act, divulge the following
matters to any person:

  • any confidential information concerning the business, its dealings or affairs,
    or those of any associated business or organisation, including security
    arrangements and procedures;
  • the names, addresses, telephone numbers and all other information
    whatsoever nature concerning any individual employed or volunteering with
    LGFB or any associated organisations;
  • the names, addresses, telephone numbers, contact details, or has been at
    any time a client/beneficiary of LGFB or any associated organisation;
  • any information whatsoever nature concerning the policies, organisation or
    management of LGFB or any associated organisation or any other
    confidential information.
  • You should also endeavour to prevent any such information from unauthorised
    disclosure or publication. You agree to act in accordance with the General Data
    Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 (and subsequent updates) at all times
    during your volunteering and to comply with any policy introduced by LGFB in
    order to comply with it, including any policy on the transfer of data outside the
    European Economic Area.
  • It is also a condition of your volunteering that you are expected not to copy,
    abstract or summarise the whole, or any part of any LGFB document/ data,
    either by text or computerised, except with the express (written) consent of the
    Board of Trustees.

If you witness anyone breaching any points of these policies or agreement, please contact Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement Manager, Steph Good by emailing [email protected] or phoning 01372 747 500, as we may undertake an investigation of the alleged concern.